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It’s the robe and the ring for me!

I pray you find comfort in understanding that God is in full control of the prodigals coming home!

Our healing, our growth and our obedience to His perfect will , gives us strength and authority to fight the enemy for ourselves, our kings and our family. If you ever wonder, why do I need to stand in the gap for my husband, my marriage, my family or my children? It is because God expects us too.

He expects us to co-labor with Him to cultivate an atmosphere of peace that would allow the prodigals to be welcomed home. It is to get strong and healed enough to break the strongholds, sever the soul ties, speak to mountains and shatter the chains that is holding them captive!

Your fervent and effectual prayers shall bring the prodigal home.

Be tenacious, steadfast and unmovable as you stand on the faith of God. Jehovah Gibbor has already done it.

Get the prodigal’s robe, ring, sandals of peace and the feast ready!

Time to celebrate the prodigal are home!

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