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God's Chosen and Justified

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When the enemy attacks you, what do you do? Do you cower and hide? Do you believe his lies that you are weak and helpless? Or do you stand your ground and defend your territory?

God’s Chosen and Justified is an inspiring and practical guide to protecting yourself, your family, and your property against the enemies of your body and soul. It teaches you how to take your rightful authority on the earth and in the spiritual realm.

Drawing from her experience, knowledge about weapons, and Scripture, Tabetha makes remarkable comparisons between the natural and spiritual to expose the strategies of the enemy and reveal the power you have to defeat him. Discover how to overcome paralyzing fear, how to put on the armor of God, and how to become a sharpshooter to defeat your foes.

If the enemy has launched attacks on your life and your family or has taken anything that is rightfully yours, now is the time to recover it all. If he has intruded on your mind with self-defeating thoughts and doubts about who you are and who God is, it’s time to kick him out. Now more than ever, you must dig deep, embrace your God-given authority, stand your ground, and fight. And this book will show you how!

You will also learn

  • How to be a legally authorized sharpshooter
  • How to sharpen your marksmanship
  • How to understand your authority to be fully licensed and armed
  • The power of demon slayers
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